5 things to expect from GTA 6 based on leaks so far

Even though Grand Theft Auto 6 has yet to be officially announced, fans have been diligently poring over the leaks that have appeared online since September 2022. Even though Rockstar Games has revealed zero information about the forthcoming game, data miners have leaked a plethora of information that has kept players excited. However, not all rumors have been confirmed to be accurate, and some may be proven false after the game’s official release.

Players are still hoping for the leaked information despite the lack of evidence supporting its veracity. This article provides a list of five leaked details about GTA 6 that players can anticipate.

Please be aware that this article reflects only the author’s views and is therefore subjective. Due to legal constraints, we are unable to display the stolen information.

5 highly anticipated things after the GTA 6 leaks

1) Miami-based map

It’s been speculated that the upcoming game will take place in Vice City, a fictional and altered version of Miami, Florida. As a result, the inclusion of a map set in Miami in GTA 6 has piqued the interest of fans. Several buildings from Miami were seen in-game in the leaked videos.

A large number of buildings, including the 1800 Club, Marina Blue Condo, Quantum on the Bay Condominium, Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, and Opera Tower, were spotted in the hacked videos, as was later confirmed by the data miners. But Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything about them yet.

2) Expanding map

It’s also expected that GTA 6’s map will be adaptable and can be updated as the game progresses. Several insiders have previously reported that Rockstar Games would re-release Story Mode DLCs that introduced the new maps, so it seems likely that the game will feature more than one city.

The leaked map for Grand Theft Auto 6 appears to cover a much larger area than just San Andreas. Players hope that the game developer will add northern cities and regions to the game’s map. A lot of people are hoping that the game will include visuals of the Caribbean.

3) Improved graphics

The next Untitled Grand Theft Auto game is expected to continue Rockstar Games’ trend of graphical improvement with each new installment. The September 2022 spoilers revealed ultra-realistic visuals that had never been seen before in the franchise. Compared to the current game, the shadows, lighting, and textures all looked much better.

Rockstar Games is spending more than a billion dollars on developing GTA 6, as revealed by the game’s budget leak. Even though it has a massive budget for a video game, players anticipate never-before-seen leaps in graphics and gameplay.

4) Exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

Rockstar Games is transitioning their development efforts to the next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The next Grand Theft Auto game is widely expected to be released exclusively for these platforms. The old-generation consoles aren’t as powerful as they used to be, so the rumor makes sense there, too.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks showed that the game will include many cutting-edge features that may be too demanding for older consoles. Rockstar is putting a premium on establishing a solid foundation in the newer consoles because this is widely regarded as one of the most ambitious video game projects ever.

5) 32-player online lobby

The leaks also demonstrated a multiplayer mode for the upcoming game. Rockstar Games may continue with 32-player online lobbies like Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, despite the fact that most multiplayer games allow for more than 50 players in a lobbies at once. Since dedicated servers are so expensive, many insiders speculated that the studio would not implement them.

The game is currently planned to support up to 32 players in a lobby via a P2P connection, though Rockstar Games may alter this. However, the developer has recently implemented a number of safety measures, so it will be a lot more secure than the current multiplayer lobbies.

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