A FIFA 23 leak suggests Alphonso Davies will join Level Up

With the Level Up promotion arriving this weekend in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, a social media leak indicates that Alphonso Davies will be included in this series. The Canadian fullback is widely regarded as a very dynamic and skilled defender, and his virtual pitch skills are equally impressive. As this is the first time that Level Up will be implemented in Ultimate Team, very little is known about the upcoming event.

Nevertheless, the few items that have leaked so far indicate that this lineup will be significantly overpowered. In FIFA 23, Alphonso Davies is an effective defender, but his new version will take him to an entirely new level.

Bundesliga superstar Alphonso Davies is rumored to arrive in the Level Up promo of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Bayern Munich are the undisputed German football champions and have dominated the Bundesliga for years. Their consistency is largely due to their strength in all areas of the field, with left-back Alphonso Davies playing a key role.

The skill set of the mercurial wing-back, who is renowned for being both offensively and defensively adept, is accurately reflected in FIFA 23.

What will Level Up Alphonso Davies look like?

His most recent Team of the Season card is one of the game’s most meta left-backs. While the exact rating and stats of this rumored Level Up card are unknown, it is safe to assume that it will be superior to Alphonso’s TOTS item.

FUT Sheriff has predicted that he may receive a 96-rated item with the following essential characteristics:

  • Pace: 99
  • Dribbling: 96
  • Shooting: 82
  • Defending: 91
  • Passing: 94
  • Physicality: 90

Since his TOTS version already possesses five-star skill moves, it is possible that his new variant will also possess the same abilities. Alphonso Davies will unquestionably be the best left-back in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team if these predicted statistics prove to be accurate.

His raw speed and defensive prowess make him a formidable opponent for any attacker, while his dribbling and passing skills also make him a danger in offensive situations.

With the addition of Renato Sanches to this roster, gamers are more excited than ever for this upcoming event.

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