Abhiram Thiyagarajan, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science student, has passed away

Death of Abhiramakrishnan Thiyagarajan was reported by the Ruby Memorial in North Brunswick, New Jersey on Monday, June 5, 2023. Leave condolences and memories of Abhiramakrishnan in the guestbook provided by Legacy.

For up-to-date details on memorial services and obituaries, visit the Ruby Memorial website.

On Sunday, four thieves who had just stolen a man’s gold chain, ring, and phone were apprehended in Coimbatore. Police say one of the gang members who was arrested had befriended the victim on a dating app before he was robbed.

V. Mariselvam, 23, of Kayathar, Tirunelveli district; R. Abhiram, 19, of Kandanur, Trichy district; R. Hari Vishnu, 21, of Kandanur; and R. Karthikeyan, 27, of Kovilpatti Veeravanji Nagar, Tuticorin district, were all apprehended. The Dindigul district is home to Pannakadu. They faced charges under Indian Penal Code Section 392 (robbery).
A. Thiyagarajan, 33, was a family nurse from the Ramanathapuram district who, according to the police, kept to himself in a hut in Saravanapatti.

On Sunday, he reported his encounter with a man named Rocky on the gay dating app Grindr to Constable R. Senthilkumar of the Saravanampatti Investigative Unit. They swapped numbers over the phone.

Thiyagarajan makes up his mind to talk to Loki. On a Saturday evening, he waited by a gas station in Saravanampati. Rocky rode his motorcycle there and met Thiyagarajan there. At 11 o’clock at night, he brought Thiyagarajan to a spot on Thudiyalur Road not far from a private school.

Three men on two motorcycles rode up while they were talking and began cursing at and demanding money from Thiyagarajan. Thiyagarajan was threatened with a knife before one of them made off with his gold chain (6 grams), ring (2 grams), and phone. They made it out of there alive.

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