Adam22, a YouTuber, says he has no problem with his wife Lena the Plug filming her first porn scene with another man, telling fans it’s actually a huge career boost.

The “No Jumper” podcast host discussed Lena Sunday on the Bird app, writing, “It’s officially been a week since I allowed my wife to have a pornographic encounter with another man. Initially, I was a little envious, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

He claims that Lena has seen him hook up with “hundreds of girls,” and that this has never affected their relationship. He tells his followers that the shoot is a great career move for Lena and a boon for their brand.

The two share a child, and in addition to “No Jumper,” they cohost “Plug Talk Podcast” on Onlyfans, where they interview a woman each week and then hook up with her afterward.

Adam’s erratic tweet occurred after he was criticized online for Lena’s scene with Jason Luv and dubbed “Simp of the Year.” In response to his tweet, he received responses such as “I cannot believe what I’m reading” and “Ain’t no way boy.”

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