After a flash flooding in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, three people died.

WASHINGTON CROSSING, Pa. (CBS) — Saturday evening, according to the Bucks County Coroner’s Office, three adults perished after officials responded to flooded roadways with cars stuck.

Three of the victims were female, while one was male.

The CBS News Philadelphia was informed that all of the victims were adults and that the water level was approximately five feet above their vehicle.

Just before 7 p.m., flash inundation occurred near Washington Crossing Road and Wrightstown Road.

One man stated that his wife was traveling when the road suddenly filled with water, and as those behind her attempted to turn around, their vehicle overturned.

Several vehicles were stranded, some were overturned, trees were down, and a portion of Washington Crossing Road in Upper Makefield Township was severed.

Authorities report that multiple marine units were dispatched for a search and rescue mission in response to reports of vehicles stranded on flooded roadways.

Our Weather team reports that three-and-a-half to four inches of rain fell in the region in approximately two hours on Saturday afternoon.

Multiple roads are closed in both Upper and Lower Makefield Township. Several roads, we’re told, split apart.

The Bucks County Coroner’s Office also reports that there are still missing individuals. The police anticipate a long night and intend to disseminate additional information.

In this section of Bucks County, four roads are closed due to inundation.

Here are the PennDOT-reported route closures:

Woodside Road to Route 532 (General Washington Memorial Boulevard) in Upper and Lower Makefield townships; Route 232 (Windy Bush Road) between Aquetong Road and Route 32 (River Road) in Solebury township; Route 532 (Washington Crossing Road) between Dolington Road and Taylorsville Road in Upper Makefield township; and Taylorsville Road between Woodside Road and Route 532 (Washington Crossing Road) in Upper and Lower Makefield townships.

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