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The Aston Villa star is undoubtedly a sensation, boasting an impressive fan base of over 13 million followers on Instagram and 7.8 million on TikTok. With such staggering numbers, she has secured her position as the most followed female footballer globally, even surpassing Swiss athlete Roger Federer.

Despite her immense popularity, this 24-year-old talent faces the dark side of social media, enduring relentless attacks from vicious trolls who subject her to torrents of sexist abuse. Nevertheless, Lehmann remains resilient and holds her head high, attributing the abuse to nothing more than jealousy over her extraordinary life.

In an interview with Sky Sports, she expressed, “For myself, it gives me strength, I would say. Because I think, ‘100 per cent you want my life.’ So why would they say that? It’s probably jealousy, or people just don’t want to see it, or they are simply bored in life.”

Lehmann refuses to be disheartened by the virtual vitriol. She doesn’t bother reading the hurtful comments, instead focusing on her goals. The negative words don’t affect her as she knows the individuals behind them hold no significance in her life. However, she feels distressed when her family reads such comments. She often consoles them, reassuring them that it doesn’t bother her.

With 20 appearances in the Women’s Super League this season, Lehmann’s impressive performance includes four goals and two assists for Villa. As her contract expires this summer, she had signed a one-year deal last year, and her talent has also been showcased in teams like West Ham and Everton.

In an earlier interview with talkSPORT, Lehmann humbly acknowledged her rising status on social media but revealed that she doesn’t obsess over it. “To be honest, I don’t really think about it,” she admitted. Instead, she views it as an opportunity to showcase the potential of women in football, demonstrating that they can break free from norms and embrace their unique personalities to leave an indelible mark on the world.

In a world where online abuse can be all too common, Lehmann’s resilient spirit and unwavering focus on her passion for football are truly inspiring. She stands tall, determined to break barriers and inspire others to be true to themselves, regardless of the negativity that may come their way.

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