All New Features in iOS 17 as it is releasing on sep 18 for iphones

  1. NameDrop
    In iOS 17, how to use NameDrop

NameDrop is without a doubt the coolest feature of iOS 17 that I adore most. It’s a new AirDrop function in iOS 17 that provides a quick way to exchange contact information with strangers you meet at events or conferences. You can rapidly swap phone numbers, email addresses, and posters when you bring two iPhones close to one another. Therefore, there is no need to manually enter the information. The blazing-fast pace and absolutely stunning sights immediately caught our attention. Make sure you give NameDrop a go on your iPhone right now; it’s incredibly simple and enjoyable!

The NameDrop function in iOS 17 also functions with an Apple Watch and an iPhone. To share material or launch SharePlay to watch a movie or play a game together, two users can also bring their iPhones closer to one another. Moving on, iOS 17 will use the internet to complete an AirDrop transaction if you move out of range during it.

  1. Contact Posters

Contact Posters, a feature of iOS 17,

The connections Poster, another amazing and super-cool feature of iOS 17, allows you to add emojis or images to your contact card to better communicate yourself to particular connections. When you call the receiver, your unique contact posters will show up full screen on their iPhone. The contact posters in this iOS 17 feature can be personalized with different colors, typefaces, and other elements in the same way that the iOS 16 Lock Screen could. Third-party VoIP applications will also be compatible with the Contacts Poster feature.

You can create Contact Posters for both your saved contacts and for yourself. Here is a guide on how to make Contact Posters using an iPhone running iOS 17.

  1. StandBy Mode

Using and modifying iOS 17 StandBy on iPhones

The next item on our list of the top iOS 17 features is Standby, a new charging mode that transforms your iPhone into a smart display. Incoming calls, the date and time, and notifications are all displayed in full-screen mode. In essence, it gives your iPhones greater capability while they are charging and not in use.

The iOS 17 StandBy mode may be customized to show your preferred images, widgets, Live Activities, Smart Stack, and other items. It implies that even when your iPhone is far away, you can still check match results, get weather updates, and do much more. As a result, Standby makes a great mode for your workplace, kitchen counter, or nightstand.

  1. Revamped Messages App

In iOS 17, the Messages app has a new look.

With iOS 17, the Messages app also receives a number of improvements. With an expanding menu that can show iMessage apps with a single tap, the app is now more svelte. You can reorder or remove iMessage apps as needed for better organization. The next feature is Search Filters, which makes it simpler and quicker to search anything from a contact. The Messages app will guide you to the information you need if you only input the contact’s name followed by your search term.

Catch Up, another new iMessage feature in iOS 17, displays the most recent unread messages in a particular discussion. A new arrow pointing to the most recent unread message will appear when you enter an unread discussion.

  1. Live Stickers

Introducing Live Stickers in iOS 17

You’re going to adore this new iOS 17 feature if you use iMessage. Live Stickers completely revamp the Messages app’s existing stickers feature. Any emoji or photo cutout can be added as a sticker to make your iMessage discussions more entertaining. Not only that. Live Photos can be made into stickers and customized with fun effects at your discretion. So it’s time to stop using standard stickers and start using your iPhone to make customized live stickers.

  1. iMessage Check In

iOS 17’s iMessage Check-in feature

There are still many more must-try features in iOS 17. Check-In, a very helpful iMessage feature that Apple also implemented, enables you to share your real-time position and status with your loved ones. When you get safely at your location, it can instantly tell your family, reducing all the worry. Additionally, it may inform your loved ones if you are in a dead zone by sharing your cell service status and phone battery level. So, the next time you’re traveling early in the morning or late at night, you may let your loved ones know using the iMessage check-in feature on your iPhone.

  1. Live VoiceMail

Voicemail Live in iOS 17

A new feature called Live Voicemail is included in iOS 17 and displays a real-time transcription of the voicemail message. You should not worry about privacy because the translation is handled on the device and is end-to-end encrypted. When you’re in a crucial meeting, this iOS 17 feature will be especially helpful. Depending on what is left on the voicemail, you can decide whether or not to answer the call. Your network provider will mark the calls as spam, so they won’t show up on Live Voicemail. Instead, they will be rejected automatically.

  1. FaceTime Audio and Video Messages

In iOS 17, capture FaceTime videos.

Before, the only thing someone could see if they missed your FaceTime call was a notification. It’s interesting that iOS 17 offers a fresh feature. In the event that no one answers your FaceTime call, you can record and leave a personalized voice or video message. It will come in really handy when you don’t want to lose a priceless occasion.

Additionally, you may add reactions like hearts, balloons, fireworks, and more to your FaceTime calls to make them more expressive. Apple 4K TV support is one of the significant FaceTime updates. Yes, iOS 17 lets you use FaceTime on the largest screen in your house. As a result, you may now initiate FaceTime calls from Apple TV 4K or place calls on your iPhone before transferring them to your large screen.

  1. Faster Siri Experience

On iOS 17, Siri responds more quickly

You should expect a faster and simpler Siri experience on iOS 17. The “Hey” is removed from “Hey Siri” in iOS 17 to give Apple’s virtual assistant a much-needed boost. Instead than saying “Hey Siri,” you can now just say “Siri” to activate Siri. Therefore, Siri will activate considerably more quickly on iOS 17 than it did on earlier iOS versions. Additionally, Siri now supports back-to-back commands on iOS 17.

  1. Shared AirTags

Share AirTag

Without going into the reasons why it took so long, shared AirTags are now a reality. With iOS 17, you can allow up to 5 others to view the location of AirTags. So, if you’ve added an AirTag to your house keys, you can let your family know where it is so they can find it using the Find My app. Of course, you are free to decide anytime you want to stop having access.

  1. Screen Distance

iOS 17 has a Screen Distance function.

The TrueDepth camera technology, also known as Face ID, is employed by the new health-focused iOS 17 feature called Screen Distance to calculate the distance between your eyes and the iPhone’s screen. It will prompt you to keep your iPhone in a secure place if you get too close to the screen. Users who hold their iPhones very near to their eyes while using them would benefit most from this iOS 17 feature. On an iPhone, follow these steps to activate and use Screen Distance.

  1. Auto-delete 2FA Codes

Auto-delete 2FA codes in iOS 17

Another useful feature of iOS 17 is that it will immediately remove your 2FA codes and OTPs. When you use the autofill feature to enter the received code into a website or app, iOS 17 can automatically remove the code from the Messages and Mail apps. Users who frequently struggle with an OTP-clogged Messages app will undoubtedly like this new iOS 17 feature. Do you wish to test out this new iOS 17 feature? Here is a fast guide to help you delete OTPs on your iPhone automatically.

  1. Personal Voice

iOS 17 function individual voice

Apple has continually released accessibility features over the years for those with speech and cognitive impairments. Now that vocal impediments are in their early phases, iOS 17 introduces yet another beneficial feature. You may practice and use your voice to communicate with your friends and family using Personal Voice. Your iPhone will read out sentences in your “personal” voice as opposed to the standard robotic voice. Unquestionably, the ability to bank one’s voice in case they lose it in the future is a noteworthy iOS 17 innovation.

  1. Ping your Apple Watch with iPhone

iOS 17’s Ping My Watch feature

The ability to ping an Apple Watch with an iPhone without using the Find My app is another new feature in iOS 17. Yes, what you just heard is true. Previously, the Find My app on your iPhone was the only way to ping your Apple Watch. With the addition of the “Ping My Watch” option to the iPhone’s Control Center, the most recent iOS version allows your Apple Watch to make an audible tone. If you lose your watch nearby, it makes it easier for you to find it fast.

  1. Auto-correct and Inline Predictions

Enhance AutoCorrection

The keyboard also received some deserving improvements in iOS 17, such as improvements to Autocorrect, which now relies on a machine-learning language model for enhanced accuracy and user experience. There is also a quick way to return to the first word you typed.

Additionally, sentence-level autocorrections can fix more grammatical errors to make your content appear polished and expert. Last but not least, the inline predictive text suggestions make it incredibly simple to finish phrases and sentences. Additionally, dictation takes use of a new AI model, which greatly improves accuracy.

  1. Use Several Timers

The Top 18 iOS 17 Features to Check Out

After all this time, iOS 17 on your iPhone now allows you to add multiple timers. On your iPhone, several timers can now be set to start simultaneously. Additionally, you can customize labels to distinguish between the times. On the Lock Screen, you can view a list of all the timers. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro, you can also see the most recent timer in the Dynamic Island. On iOS 17, follow these steps to set multiple timers.

Interactive Widgets, version 17

iOS 17’s Interactive Widgets

The new Interactive Widgets will undoubtedly be at the top of your list of favorite iOS 17 features if you’re a fan of iPhone widgets. The accompanying app no longer needs to be opened in order to interact with the widgets; you can do so directly. You may, for instance, start playing music or turning off lights directly from the widget. How practical is that?

  1. A fresh journal app

iOS 17 Journal App

A new iPhone app called Journal will be available later this year as part of iOS 17, which encourages users to practice appreciation and value everyday events. To automatically propose times you might wish to lock down in a journal entry, this iOS 17 feature employs on-device learning.

You would receive tailored recommendations based on your most recent actions, images, exercises, locations, and more. To ensure that your entries remain secret, you can lock the app. Journal safeguards the user’s privacy by using end-to-end encryption and on-device processing to prevent anyone (not even Apple) from accessing the entries. However, as of right now, the Journal app is not accessible.

When will you get new features with iOS 17?

If you’re curious about when iOS 17 will be released and want to try out new features, you’ll be relieved to learn that Apple will probably release iOS 17 as soon as the iPhone 15 series begins arriving. Apple did not provide a specific release date for iOS 17 at WWDC 2023, but it has become customary for the most recent version of iOS to be made available just before new iPhones begin to arrive. On September 18, 2023, iOS 17 might be made available, if speculations are to be believed.

Supported Devices for iOS 17

The most recent iOS 17 is supported by all iPhone XS and subsequent models. It’s important to be aware of the fact that Apple no longer supports the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. The forthcoming iPhone 15 models will come pre-installed with iOS 17. Here is a list of every iPhone that is compatible with iOS 17:

Apple 15-series

Apple 14-series

iPhone 13 generation

iPhone 12 generation

iPhone 11 generation

A iPhone XR

XS iPhone

Max iPhone XS

(2020 and 2022) iPhone SE

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