Alysha Duran dead, Bodycam footage released of deadly video leaked

Officer N. Adams is conducting an investigation into an incident in which an SUV was stopped on the incorrect side of the street. The incident resulted in the demise of one individual.

Friday, Westminster Police released body camera footage of the fatal gunshot that occurred on July 25.

Adams stopped to inspect a silver SUV facing west that was situated in the eastbound turn lane of 88th Avenue. As he approached the car, he observed the 46-year-old driver, Alysha Duran, sitting calmly. He inquired as to her wellbeing, but she did not respond.

The police continued to interrogate her, but she remained silent. Noting that she did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol, he inquired as to whether the video indicated that she required an ambulance.

According to a department news release, Adams reportedly saw Duran draw a handgun. The officer attempted to seize Duran’s arm and inquired as to what she had stolen. He then retreated, aimed his pistol, and fired four times, resulting in her death.

Another vehicle was surrounded by gunfire. The driver suffered no injuries.

Adams sounded on the verge of tears as he uttered, “I’m sorry,” to adjacent vehicles. “As she placed her hand in the center console, I observed a revolver. She pointed the gun directly at me. I was terrified that I would have to kill you at close range.”

A press release indicates that investigators have been placed on paid leave. Investigating is the 17th Judicial Major Incident Response Team. Several months are anticipated to pass before the results are sent to the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office for review.

“We recognize that incidents of this nature have a significant effect on our citizens, families, and employees. We recognize the concerns expressed in response to police shootings. It is essential to keep in mind that these situations are typically complex and require our officers to make difficult, split-second decisions, according to a Westminster Police Department press release.

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