An employee of the Reds grounds staff goes viral after vanishing under a tarp.

The arrival of the tarp on the baseball diamond is never good news for the players. For one member of the grounds staff at Great American Ball Park for the Cincinnati Reds, the news was much worse.

The diligent Reds grounds crew hurried onto the field to cover the infield with a big tarp when the Giants’ series opener against the Reds was postponed in the eighth inning on Monday.

One man was abandoned in the process.

“Mayday! He was sucked up by the tarp!” Hunter Pence, a Giants commentator, stated during the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast. “Every man has left behind — fend for yourself!”

After eventually making his way out from under the cover, the grounds crew member carried out his tasks on the field in a competent manner.

When the umpires announced the rain delay in the top of the eighth inning, the Giants and Reds were knotted 2-2. With one out, San Francisco had runners on second and third base, and J.D. Davis, the third baseman, was prepared to step into the batter’s box.

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