Andrea Vazquez dead and obituary, Man flees gunshots

A 19-year-old California woman was abducted by her lover, who shot her in a parking lot before she vanished. She was discovered deceased on the ground with blood on the ground when she returned.

Sunday at midnight, Andrea Vazquez and her partner were in a car in Penn Park, 13950 Penn Street, Whittier, when a gunman approached their vehicle and fired shots in their direction. The companion of a missing woman has spoken to police about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, while her friends and family pray fervently for her safe return. Edlyn Vazquez, the victim’s sister, told KTLA News that she was attempting to maintain hope but that she had “never been through such heartbreak.”

According to her family, Vazquez was sitting in her vehicle on the side of the road when another car stopped and opened fire, striking her family member. They also assert that the friend fled to another couple in the park for assistance.

The distraught sibling of the missing woman reported that she tracked her to a field off of Highway 10 in Moreno Valley early on Sunday morning. She stated that more blood was discovered at the site, but neither her sister’s cellphone nor her younger sister were found.

Edlin has a message for her sister, as she told KTLA that she “won’t stop looking for her.” Edlin stated, “Just remain strong, we’re here to look” She continued, “I know, she’ll be with us very soon.” It is unclear when a masked suspect drove up in front of their vehicle and opened fire on them. What type of automobile did Si and her lover drive?

The Whittier Police Department posted a flyer on Facebook requesting information about Andrea Vazquez’s 19-year-old disappearance.

The Whittier Police Department has released a photograph of Vasquez with the caption “Serious Missing Person/Abduction.” Vasquez, a resident of Los Angeles, is described as a Hispanic female, 5 feet 3 inches tall, 103 pounds, with brown complexion, red hair, and brown eyes.

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