Angela Michelle carr dead and obituary, Devoted father, loving mother mourned

Hundreds gathered on Sunday to remember and lament the three black men who were shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida during a racist attack.

The suspect, a 21-year-old white male donning a tactical vest and carrying both a “AR-style” rifle and a pistol emblazoned with swastikas, reportedly opened fire at a Dollar General store in a black ghetto. On Saturday, two men and a woman were slain near Xincheng. The victims were identified by Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters as Angela Michelle Carr, 52, Ajla Gale, 19, and Gerald Gallion, 29.

This is a community that has endured repeated hardships. We frequent this area,” stated Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan on Saturday. This type of behavior should not and cannot persist in our community.

The Justice Department announced on Sunday that the shooting is being investigated as a hate crime. As Jarrald De’Shawn Gallion entered the store, he was shot. During the prayer vigil on Sunday evening, family and community members remembered Galion as a devoted father who had planned to spend the weekend with his four-year-old daughter.

The members of Garion’s family remember his sense of humor and work ethic, and he viewed his position as restaurant manager as a means to support them.

Sunday, his sister Latifani Gallion stated, “My brother didn’t deserve to lose his life.” “One day we will enter the store, and it will be gone forever.”

Sabrina Rozier, the child’s grandmother, stated that Galion “didn’t miss a single moment” and would see his daughter on Saturday.

Bishop John Gance stated that Galion attended Jacksonville’s St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church.

“In two weeks, I must deliver a eulogy for a person who should still be alive,” Gun told the audience. “He is neither a gangster nor a criminal; rather, he is a father who gave his life to Jesus and tried to fix it.”

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