Anime actors band together to protest Genshin Impact over unpaid wages.

Acting has never been difficult than it is now, despite the fact that it may look like a glamorous job. As if dealing with the oversaturation of the sector wasn’t difficult enough already, news issues arise every day. The SAG-AFTRA union recently decided to strike over unresolved problems in the business. Anime voice actors have united against Genshin Impact as a result of claims of unpaid salaries that surfaced over the weekend. Non-union actors are also feeling the heat.

The issue was raised on social media by voice actor Brandon Winckler, who posted about it. After their fifth email query went unanswered, the celebrity, who has voiced characters in numerous anime and video games, spoke out against Genshin Impact for unpaid compensation.

When you earn $86 million per month, it is inexcusable for us actors to have to wait more than four months for our salary. This issue, however, is not uncommon. When you can’t afford to eat, it’s really difficult to justify working for the sake of working, Winckler said.

“I can only speak for myself, but I try to accommodate this and not be a pain by building my budget months in advance. I enjoy working on the games and shows that these firms produce because I love to perform. Without a doubt, a game like this should be produced by a union. After considering everything, I’ve decided that I won’t be continuing to work on this game unless a union contract is established. I don’t have much to lose by making this decision, and if I’m lucky, I hope others will at least understand it.

Winckler is not the only one with overdue dues; she voices a number of lesser characters in Genshin Impact. The voice actress who portrays Paimon, Corina Boettger, acknowledged they had not received anything recently either. Although their first callout was less specific than Winckler’s, Paimon’s VA later reported that they had been contacted to rectify the issue after the Genshin Impact team addressed these wage complaints.

The remark made public by Genshin Impact was a direct quote from the Hoyoverse team. There, the corporation claimed that the dubbing studio it hires was to blame for the payment delay. “”We are quite sorry to hear about the current predicament. Genshin Impact appreciates and respects the work and effort put out by all parties, and we encourage our voice performers to pursue their just compensation. We have always paid our recording studio on schedule, and we promptly requested that the studio use our previous money to pay our voice actors. We are also looking for alternatives in the meantime. Additionally, we’ll keep you informed of any new developments,” the post states.

As you can expect, voice actors from all throughout the business were ready to express their opinions on this matter. Although voice actors are covered by SAG-AFTRA, certain anime performers aren’t members of the guild because of non-union contracts. Actors cannot join SAG-AFTRA solely based on their job as English anime dubs are typically not cast through a union. You can imagine how complicated things may become for our favorite voice performers without union protection. As several anime actors give voices for Genshin Impact, it’s fortunate that Hoyoverse addressed this problem right away. However, this promptness isn’t guaranteed for every delay.

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