Anticipating Apple’s iPhone 15 Event: A Preview of What’s in Store for Tuesday

Apple is poised to host its most pivotal launch event of the year on Tuesday, setting the stage at its Cupertino, California headquarters for the unveiling of a slew of new hardware, including the highly anticipated iPhone 15.

In its signature fashion, Apple will eschew the traditional live presentation in favor of a carefully crafted prerecorded video featuring top-tier company executives. This presentation will be accessible to the eager masses via both YouTube and Apple’s official website. It’s worth noting that Apple has been embracing this prerecorded format for its product showcases since 2020.

For Apple, these product launches are more than mere spectacles; they are strategic moves that generate immense anticipation, setting the scene for a marketing extravaganza that culminates in the December quarter—the company’s most lucrative sales period. The statistics speak volumes: a staggering 31 million viewers tuned in to Apple’s YouTube video from last year’s launch, underscoring the enduring appeal of receiving information directly from the tech behemoth itself.

This year, the pressure is on as Apple aims to reverse a sales slump with its new iPhone offerings. Simultaneously, it must fend off resurgent competition from Huawei and attempt to lure Android phone owners into its ecosystem.

In a separate revelation back in June, Apple teased the world with the Vision Pro, a highly anticipated VR headset slated for release in 2024. While we may catch a glimpse of Apple’s efforts to court developers for this groundbreaking product, comprehensive details are likely to remain under wraps until next year.

Intriguingly, Apple’s Macs and iPads are not expected to share the spotlight on Tuesday, as the company typically prefers to grant them their own dedicated events. Last year, new iPads were unveiled via a succinct press release.

The cryptic tagline for this year’s launch event is “Wonderlust,” though it’s worth noting that Apple’s taglines seldom provide overt hints about the forthcoming announcements. Rest assured, CNBC will be your trusty guide to the event, covering it live from the hallowed halls of Apple’s headquarters and offering a live blog on

To jog your memory, last year’s September event from Apple saw the introduction of new iPhones, Apple Watches, and updated AirPods. So, what can we anticipate from this year’s edition? Stay tuned for the revelations to come.

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