Apex Legends data miners leak upcoming cross-progression across platforms

Recent Twitter leaks concerning cross-progression for Apex Legends have surfaced. In the game’s code, dataminers, including HYPERMYST and SenosApex, have discovered UI elements related to cross-progression. They believe this indicates the feature will be added to the game in the near future.

The lack of cross-platform support has been a source of frustration for Apex Legends players for the past three years. Fans eagerly anticipated the addition of the feature with each new Season, but despite widespread rumors, Respawn Entertainment never confirmed cross-progression for the game.

When is cross-progression coming to Apex Legends?


According to HYPERMYST, there are no definitive details regarding the game’s cross-progression release date. However, they believe that the game’s cross-progression user interface code is the initial step in bringing this feature to life.

Cross-progression will be accessible across all platforms that host the game, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

What are the benefits of cross-progression?

Cross-platform progression will allow players to sign into their Respawn accounts on any platform and continue playing the game.

Once this system is implemented in the game, players will enjoy a variety of benefits. While its primary function is to automatically track progress across platforms, it will also grant players who have switched from consoles to PC or vice versa access to all the cosmetics, heirlooms, and badges they earned while playing on the previous platform. This eliminates the need to grind for identical items or pay for cosmetics earned through hard work.

The presence of UI elements and other source code in the game files is a strong indicator that the long-awaited cross-progression feature will soon be implemented.

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