Apex Legends dataminers leak news about upcoming Legend ‘Conduit’

Recently, new information about a brand-new Legend in Apex Legends has surfaced on Twitter. The dataminer HYPERMYST has discovered new model codes for the rumored upcoming Legend, Conduit. Information regarding Conduit’s possible addition to the Apex Legends roster was leaked in early 2022. A year later, it appears that new information has emerged.

Fans eagerly await the release of new Legends with each new Season, and Conduit may soon make it into the game’s final build.

When is Conduit joining the Apex Legends roster?

Osvaldatore, a data miner, believes that Conduit will join Apex Legends in Season 19. This rumor makes sense, given that Revenant Reborn is scheduled for the next Season, i.e. Season 18, as confirmed by Respawn Entertainment’s developers.

Finding Conduit’s source code in the game files gives the community hope for the character’s early release. However, realistically speaking, Respawn has never introduced two Legends in a single season, and Osvaldatore’s prediction that Conduit will join the roster in the season following Season 18 is undoubtedly accurate.

What are Conduit’s abilities in Apex Legends?

No concrete details regarding Conduit’s abilities have yet been disclosed. Nonetheless, HYPERMYST has uncovered information about his Tactical Ability that was obtained from previous leaks. According to him, Conduit’s tactical ability will be an Arc Flash that can heal allies’ shields at the cost of Conduit’s own.

However, the Legend is still in the early stages of development, and nothing regarding their abilities has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. If the leaks regarding the release of Season 19 are accurate, developers have more than six months to finalize the design and release official trailers.

Other Apex leaks

Dataminer Osvaldatore has also confirmed that a brand-new map will be released in Season 19. While he has leaked information about the map’s release, Respawn has yet to confirm the information.

Only time or an official statement from the developers will definitively determine whether or not this leak is genuine.

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