Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 on September 12th iPhone 15 leaked

The rumors were, as usual, accurate. The next iPhone-related Apple event is scheduled for September 12. The company has just sent out invitations for the event, which will be held once again at its Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino. The invitation depicts a Thanos-like graphic with the word “Wonderlust” (spoilers).

The iPhone 15 will almost undoubtedly be the highlight of the upcoming event. Given the hype surrounding the iPhone X, it seems likely that the next iteration of the device will be a significant upgrade. Given the general direction of the market, a much-needed injection of enthusiasm could go a long way. Probably not a level of enthusiasm that could be folded, but excitement nonetheless.

Apple has recently thrown its support behind a right to repair bill that is presently making its way through the California legislature. A recent shift toward supporting self-repair may result in the company promoting the repairability of the new phone. It would be a radical departure from the company’s traditional posture, but stranger things have happened. Also rumored are slimmer bezels and the inclusion of the Dynamic Island to the entire line.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 9 is a shoo-in for the award. We haven’t heard a great deal of rumors, but some have pointed to the inclusion of the A15 Bionic microprocessor and a new pink addition. Branding Barbie, anyone? Apparently, the iPhone 15 will also be available in pink, along with blue and gray variants.

We anticipate the release of the latest versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS simultaneously. This will also be Apple’s second significant opportunity to demonstrate the Vision Pro prior to its release in early 2019. We will likely get a closer look at some of the content coming to the “spatial computing” headset, as well as more information on Apple’s most ambitious gamble in a decade.

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