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The bass-baritone range After completing his studies in language and social work, Derek Welton embarked on his tour of the major Australian stages in 2004.

Then, an unexpected scholarship and victory in the Australian Song Competition enabled Welton to attend the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Immediately thereafter, the singer was considered to have the ideal vocal for the German repertoire.

Today, he concludes his five-year contract with the Deutsche Oper Berlin by performing Orestes, the murderer in Richard Strauss’ opera Erika, for the second time in his career.

Weldon discusses character development, Greek tragedy, and his time at the very special Salzburg Jubilee Festival in an interview with OperaWire.

The OperaWire: It has been very warm recently. How do you process your voice when the temperature is high?
To quote Derek Weldon: Some performers are generally more sensitive to weather fluctuations than others. I’m from Australia, and I enjoy being outdoors. Because of this, I’ve witnessed German singers panicking when they see an open window or sense the wind. When the weather is hot, it is important to remain hydrated and drink enough water. On the day of the performance, I will be more cautious and refrain from hiking, etc. My voice, however, is less susceptible to weather variations.

Since we have a performance every five days, there is ample time for recovery. I regularly produce works that I intend to revive in the future. After Salzburg, I will return to Vienna to perform Elektra on stage, so I must prepare by watching the production video. As my orchestral position with the Deutsche Oper Berlin is about to expire, I am currently completing a substantial amount of documentation. But it’s a mixture; I’ll also make sure to get some sleep, a nice cup of coffee, and/or a hike in the wilderness. When in Salzburg, hiking is a must; the landscape is too beautiful to overlook!

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