Arthana Binu accuses his father Vijayakumar of threatening him

Arthana Binu, known for her roles in Malayalam films such as Mudhugauv and Shylock and Tamil film Kadaikutty Singam, has accused her father, actor Vijayakumar, of trespassing on her property and threatening her sister and grandmother with death.

Arthana’s parents, Vijayakumar and Binu, are divorced, and she has been living in their maternal home with her mother, sister, and grandparents. It is alleged that Vijayakumar regularly broke into their homes and workplaces in order to threaten them.

On Tuesday, Arthana posted a video to social media showing Vijayakumar jumping off her home’s wall. In addition, she added a photograph of him shouting at them through the window.

Arthana stated in a note attached to the post that the incident occurred in the morning, and despite alerting the police, no action was taken. She went on to accuse her ‘biological father’ of regularly causing such problems, despite the fact that a protection order had been issued in favor of the mother and two daughters approximately ten years prior.

Arthana asserted that multiple police cases had been filed against Vijayakumar, including one for the recovery of the money and gold he owes to her mother. Arthana stated that he has been pressuring her to stop acting and only participate in films he approves of.

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