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Move aside, Tom Holland! It appears that the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have a fresh “spoiler leaker” in its ranks.

Marvel movies have garnered a global following of millions of fans who eagerly anticipate the twists and turns within this thrilling superhero universe. Many fans take delight in uncovering spoilers before they officially reach the public eye. Typically, it’s a dedicated Marvel enthusiast who spills the beans to the audience. However, on occasion, it’s the actors themselves who inadvertently reveal significant news.

In the past, Spiderman actor Tom Holland has gained notoriety for unintentionally leaking Marvel secrets. Now, another Marvel actress, Aubrey Plaza, has set the internet abuzz with what could be groundbreaking revelations for the future of the Marvel universe. Aubrey Plaza, a beloved actress celebrated for her dark humor, has made a name for herself in Hollywood with standout performances in shows like “Parks and Recreation” and “The White Lotus.” She is now poised for a new adventure within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Currently, Plaza is filming “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” a series set to debut on Disney+. This series serves as a spinoff of the popular show “WandaVision” and boasts a star-studded cast, including Kathryn Hahn, Isabelle Fuhrman, Emma Caulfield, Patti LuPone, and Ali Ahn.

Fans were sent into a frenzy when Aubrey Plaza shared a startling image on her social media story on March 17. The image featured a title screen boldly declaring “The Darkhold Diaries.”

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