Baby alien loses v card leaked video on reddit, TikTok star Baby Alien

After the internet celebrity confessed he was waiting to lose his virginity, the alien baby’s personal life took a hit on social media. The Fan Bus, a platform that connects OnlyFans models with their supporters so they can experience the vehicle for themselves, enables Alien to cross this item off his wish list. When he learned that model Ari Alectra was waiting to perform, the self-proclaimed musician and comedian could not contain his enthusiasm.

Baby Alien, who appeared for the first time on Fanfan’s TikTok on August 18th, confessed that he is still a virgin. Allion explained that he has not experienced physical intimacy because women underestimate him due to his stature.

Fans immediately sent messages of support, praising him for his candor and imploring Fan Fan for assistance with his first encounter with an alien baby.

Alien was delighted to see an OnlyFans model surprise Ari Alectra in front of the camera on August 26, when the platform greeted him in a van.

According to The Fan Van, a large number of women came forward after hearing Alien’s tale, and Alectra made a favorable impression and was selected as one of them.

“I want to strip you of your virginity,” she says in the video. A few seconds later, Alectra emerges from behind the car seat, causing the little alien to wail and flee the vehicle in shock.

According to users, a single video of their private encounter costs $60 on The Fan Van’s OnlyFans account. Free subscriptions to this channel are available. Fans will be ecstatic if the little extraterrestrial takes action, as the internet is saturated with information about his private life. Others acknowledge that had they been in his position, they would have reacted similarly.

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