Bahama breeze jacksonville center shooting news today, active shooter

Several viewers told Jax that there was a significant police presence in the downtown area of St. John’s.Several police vehicles and armed officers were reportedly spotted near the Bahamas Breeze by witnesses.

Breaking news Jax travels to the crime site in an effort to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the police activity. So far, few specifics have been provided.Bahama Breeze, a Darden concept, is a nine-brand, 1,850-location specialty restaurant corporation in the United States.

Buffalo Construction Inc.’s director of marketing, Sierra Baumle, stated that the general contractor has worked with Darden since its inception in 1997 with Texas Roadhouse and continues to work with other Darden-owned restaurant franchises.

Photo of construction progress captured on May 7, 2023. Buffalo Construction Company has provided us with this image.”Buffalo Construction and Darden have maintained a long-standing relationship. Baumle revealed that this is their first Bahama Breeze. “We have built most of their concepts in each state, including Olive Garden, Long Horn, Yard House, Eddie V’s, Cheddar’s, and The Capital Grille, but this is our first Bahama Breeze.” “We specialize in restaurants, hotels, and hospitality, as well as retail and fuel, and have been serving our partners for over 26 years while constantly striving for improvement.”

Baumle confirmed to the Greater Fayetteville Business Journal that the completed building will be an 11,000-square-foot restaurant with a terrace, bar, and private dining room, and that DP3 Architects is the project’s architect.

Bahama Breeze is an island-themed restaurant and pub that serves cuisine inspired by the Caribbean, handcrafted tropical drinks, and a lively island atmosphere with live music filled with “island energy.” Currently, Bahama Breeze has only one additional location in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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