Bebe Rexha Shares Alleged Text Message From Boyfriend Keyan Safyari Criticizing Her Weight Gain

Has Keyan Safyari’s romance with Bebe Rexha ended? Following Rexha’s posting of several text conversations, purportedly from Safyari, scolding her for gaining weight, fans are speculating that the couple may be over.

The 33-year-old singer shared a screenshot of the alleged text on her Instagram story, in which her boyfriend said he was simply trying to be “honest” with her about her appearance.

“Hey. I never said you weren’t beautiful and I never said I didn’t love you. In fact I said how beautiful you are and how much I loved you,” the text read. “But I always said I would be honest with you and your face was changing so I told you it was.”

The text continued, “That was the conversation we were having and you asked…” Would you prefer I lied to you out of concern for you? You obviously gained 35 pounds, and your face has changed. Should I just pretend it didn’t happen and that it’s ok?”

“Come on, I gained 3 pounds, and you called me chubby and fat,” the text said. Doesn’t imply that you don’t care for me. This makes sense if you’re looking for reasons to end your relationship, but it’s not the genuine reason. If you don’t see a future with us because you’re dissatisfied with me, yourself, or life, that’s okay because that’s the reason. Do not turn something like that into a weapon to express your rage, anxiety, or any lingering insecurities. You are aware that I have always thought you are lovely and have loved you unconditionally.

Rexha is said to have received advice from Safyari to “think about things and write things down, speak to a therapist and do this retreat thing to get to the root of the problem.”

“Let me know if you’d like to speak if you need more clarity. The text ended with “Love you.”

Fans have pointed out that this may perhaps be a declaration of their breakup even though the singer hasn’t explicitly confirmed or denied the status of their relationship. Since the year 2020, the couple has been dating.

The well-known singer admitted she was duped into viewing comments on a video that addressed her body image when she appeared with Jennifer Hudson on her talk program in May. She pleaded with everyone not to pass judgment on others “because you don’t know what somebody’s going through.”

A prime example is Rexha, who last year disclosed she had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), claiming it was a major contributor to her weight increase. The singer-songwriter acknowledged that she has put on weight but expressed her incomprehension at the continued emphasis on weight un modern society.

“A video of me popped up and I was like, ‘Let me read the comments,’ which you’re not supposed [to do],” she says. The first guideline is to refrain from reading the comments. However, I said, “Let me read the comments.” The initial headline read, “Bebe Rexha weight gain.” And I was like … listen, we’re in the public eye so that’s bound to happen, especially, like, I was a lot thinner and I did gain some weight, but that comes with the territory.”

“I’m not mad about it, because it is true,” she continues. “But the truth is, seeing things like that can make you uncomfortable because you never know what someone is going through. So it’s not easy, but I feel like it’s 2023. We should not be talking about people’s weight.”

“I like to eat, OK?” In response to Rexha’s rhetorical question, Hudson stated, “Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

Rexha gave an interview to ET back in July 2021 and provided a message for followers who are battling with their own body image.

“Honestly, just do you. Put on that swimsuit. Put on your bikini. Wear the bikini, Rexha said, “even if you gained that five pounds, lost too much weight, or have stretch marks. Who cares? I don’t care. You’re gonna look back in 10 years and say, ‘Wow, I was so hot.'”

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