Becomes a Mexican legend, Santiago Gimenez Using a star striker’s late goal, El Tri wins the Gold Cup.

With a late Gold Cup-winning goal to help El Tri defeat Panama on Sunday, Santiago Gimenez cemented his position in Mexican mythology.

Gimenez wins it late, giving El Tri Mexico its 12th tournament victory.

After defeating the USMNT in the semifinal, Panama loses MORE Gimenez’s goal, which won the trophy, came just seconds after he entered the game, capping up a close, back-and-forth contest. Henry Martin started the game instead of the striker, who was just brought on in the 85th minute.

Gimenez became Mexico’s hero three minutes later when he sped past the Panama defense and put the ball in the back of the net to secure the Gold Cup.

THE MVP: Is there any skepticism? Gimenez has been a player with tremendous potential, but up until Sunday night, he hadn’t truly had the opportunity to demonstrate it in this competition. The Feyenoord player scored the game-winning goal in a 3-1 victory over Haiti, his only goal in the opening five games, but it was enough to help his nation win another Gold Cup.

The referee properly overturned Harold Cummings’ second yellow card in the second half, but it was a close call. From there, though, the Panamanian defender’s evening took a turn for the worse after Gimenez embarrassed him with the game-winning goal.


WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MEXICO AND PANAMA? With the start of the 2023–34 Nations League, which will also act as qualification for the 2024 Copa America, both teams will resume CONCACAF competition in the fall.

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