Before Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence’s “Hunger Games” kiss scenes, Hemsworth ate smelly foods: “He should just get over it” (Video)

In the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” movies, Jennifer Lawrence corroborated Liam Hemsworth’s assertion that she consumed pungent foods like tuna or garlic before kissing him.

In a clip made public on Thursday, “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans asked the “No Hard Feelings” actress the question, to which she casually replied.

“It wasn’t done on purpose. She explained to Evans that it was simply what she was eating. “And after that, we kissed. Like, he ought to simply move on.

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Lawrence also acknowledged that the “American Hustle” wardrobe department had to work harder to recreate her appearance due to her habit of nibbling on Doritos.

Only one costume was present. She remarked, “It was a white dress. “And I feel really bad because that was very disrespectful to the costume department; I actually didn’t know that until it came out.”

Evans made it clear that Lawrence’s tampering with the clothing was unintentional.

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“A mishap. Lawrence mimed putting her hands on her dress in a deliberate, Dorito-destructive manner while saying, “I wasn’t like, ‘F-k you,'” “I believe that receiving a second outfit merely gave me more confidence. Oh, they must have a million of these, I thought.

Lawrence said she wouldn’t know how to handle someone method acting when asked if she was interested by any particular acting style.

“I would be anxious working with someone whose method I wouldn’t know how to communicate with, right? I mean, do I have to act a certain way? She spoke. “That just makes me uneasy.”

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Christian Bale, her co-star in “American Hustle, did teach her the value of taking her time to enter character rather than abruptly switching between acting and reality and back.

I had always been very on off on off until I worked with Christian Bale on ‘American Hustle,’ and I noticed that he would kind of start like getting ready when the cameras started rolling and the crew kind of started getting ready, like it was going to be you know 10 seconds or whatever to action, she said. When I later realized this, I thought, “Wow, that seems like a really good idea,” and I immediately began to carry it out.

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