BJP leader Kirit Somayya video leaked offensive in lattest news o twitter

The attack video of BJP president Kirit Somayya has gone viral, and critics have slammed the accusations in multiple, hour-long clips. Kirit Somayya’s attack video has gone viral. Political Parties in Maharashtra: Kirit Somayya, BJP NCPBJP leader,’s inflammatory video goes viral; critics blast numerous hours-long tapes It quickly became viral on BJP NCP.

A video of senior BJP leader Kirit Somaiya in a combative pose has gone viral. Somaia is shown in an aggressive position in the video. The video sparked outrage in political circles. As the private film of a prominent political leader like Kirit Somayya became viral, many questions and debates erupted. Meanwhile, the Lokshahi news channel broadcasted the above-mentioned disrespectful video. The tape, he believes, got up in the hands of the news broadcaster. This incident sparked debate in political circles.

Kirit Somayya has access to sensitive information. He was strongly criticized after a video showing him engaged in this type of political activity surfaced.

According to Congress leader Atul Londhe, if a video of a public figure is disrespectful, it must be investigated and appropriate action taken. Kirit Somaiya was a great BJP leader. If a video of such a person is widely shared, society will be shocked. Someone who frequently slanders others. Fighting in the pretext of anti-corruption efforts. As a result, it is vital to confirm the statement’s veracity.

“I have absolutely no idea what the video is about,” said Vidya Chavan, chairwoman of the Nationalist Congress’s women’s department. However, he advised that if the films were unpleasant, there should be an investigation to see if anyone was cheating on them.

I haven’t yet viewed the video. Any offense should result in legal action. Truputi Desai asserted this.

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