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In recent days, the story of the Italian model Emy Buono, who has found success on Onlyf, has shocked her admirers with a dramatic change in her lifestyle, as she has announced that she will be leaving and joining the adult content platform. A nunnery.

Emy Buono rose to prominence at the beginning of 2023 when she removed her shirt to celebrate Napoli’s victory in Serie A, but when she turned 25 a life-altering event forever altered her perspective. she.

The young woman, who has been creating adult content for years, recently recalled a very awkward moment, which became public knowledge after her videos and OnlyF photographs were leaked and viewed by her boyfriend’s family. Her companion and “an emotional impact on her” prompted her to reflect in-depth.

Long ago, the woman claimed that her work producing adult content had provided her with financial “empowerment”; however, after this incident, she began to feel very insecure.

“The platform lacks security. It does not protect me because my paid content goes viral and ends up on mobile devices around the globe, as the young Italian explains.

In addition, he stated that “he was selfish and hurt those who were important to him” and that he was unaware of the risks involved, so he left the platform and entered the monastery “to find peace.” The Sisters of the Oratory of the Infant Jesus of Sorrento initiated a period of reflection on August 22, this year.

Emy Buono, a model, stated that the organization was devoted to educating disadvantaged girls and preparing them for religious life, pledging: “I don’t want to be a saint, that’s obvious, but I want to warn those who judge my people to maintain their distance. I want to discover happiness and peace.”

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