brittany renner leaked onlyf videos went viral on twitter

Brittany Renner has been involved in a number of issues over the years. Overall, many people consider that one particular controversy is simply unacceptable. PJ Washington of the Charlotte Hornets is involved in this. Washington and Renner had a child, and many feel she forced him to have the child. Although there is no actual proof to back up that theory, others say the age gap is a dead giveaway on this subject.

Regardless, Renner is still being asked to podcasts. When she speaks, you know something will be said that will become a narrative. Renner was just on a podcast with none other than online provocateur Charleston White.

White is also known for his contentious personality, so you can imagine the hijinks that occurred here. In a repost from No Jumper, you can see how the podcast appearance turned into some craziness.

Renner gets up from her seat, and the presenter is visibly taken aback. She then climbs on top of Charleston White and starts doing a lap dance for him. White seemed to like the whole thing, however it finally deteriorated into a stranger situation.

Renner jumped up after the dance and began dumping water on both the host and White. A producer eventually had to intervene to stop her because she was threatening to damage some of the podcast equipment.

It was an odd scene that quickly went popular on social media. Both of these people have been in this situation before, but this time, some are questioning Renner’s sanity. Please share your thoughts on the video in the comments box below. Additionally, keep an eye on HNHH for additional news and developments from the entertainment sector. We will constantly keep you up to date on the greatest headlines from the biggest stars.

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