Brooke Shields Shares Exclusive Account of Grand Mal Seizure and Awakening to Bradley Cooper in the Ambulance

Brooke Shields encountered an unexpected convulsion on the 7th of September. Upon regaining consciousness in the ambulance, she found herself in the comforting presence of Cooper, who was gently clasping her hand. Mere days after being recognized as one of Glamour Magazine’s esteemed Women of the Year for 2023, Brooke Shields has chosen to divulge the extraordinary narrative of Bradley Cooper coming to her aid following a severe seizure.

In a candid conversation with ET at the illustrious event in New York City, Shields, aged 58, humorously contemplated the possibility of her demise following a “full-blown grand mal seizure.” This macabre thought was prompted by the fact that Bradley Cooper, aged 48, was her companion en route to the hospital.

Shields jested with ET, “I’m alright, but when I regained consciousness in the ambulance, and it was Bradley Cooper, I thought perhaps I had crossed over to the other side.” During her interview with Glamour for the Women of the Year feature, the model disclosed that this surreal episode unfolded on the 7th of September. It was a day earmarked for her solo performance titled “Previously Owned,” scheduled to premiere on the 12th of September at the renowned Café Carlyle.

As she was immersed in her preparations, Shields found herself struck by a sudden drop in her sodium levels. The ordeal culminated in her collapse and an ensuing blackout. An ambulance was summoned to the scene, but attempts to reach her family members proved futile. Consequently, Bradley Cooper was summoned for assistance.

Shields recounted, “I was incredibly fortunate — my husband, Chris Henchy, was not present, and my daughters were attending school. Fortunately, Cooper was nearby and received the call.” Her return to consciousness in the ambulance was marked by the startling sight of the A Star Is Born luminary, causing her to question whether she had indeed survived the ordeal. She remarked, “I even pondered it, and I thought, ‘Did I make it?’ But it’s alright.”

During the grand mal seizure, Shields experienced foaming at the mouth and a complexion that turned an ominous shade of blue. She struggled to prevent her tongue from becoming a hindrance. According to the Mayo Clinic, a grand mal seizure, now referred to as a tonic-clonic seizure, leads to a loss of consciousness and violent muscular contractions. The muscles undergo alternating phases of rigidity and relaxation, causing the individual to collapse.

She continued, “The next thing I recall is being gently loaded into the ambulance. An oxygen supply was administered, and Bradley Cooper was right by my side, holding my hand.” Glamour reported that the sommelier at L’Artusi initially sought to contact Shields’ spouse, Chris Henchy. This convoluted chain of communication eventually led to Bradley Cooper, who happened to be in proximity.

Shields candidly mused, “But I mused to myself, ‘This must be akin to the experience of death. You awaken, and Bradley Cooper is by your side, resolutely declaring, ‘I shall accompany you to the hospital, Brooke,’ while firmly grasping my hand. I peered at my own hand, and then at Bradley Cooper’s hand, intertwined with mine, and the experience felt remarkably peculiar and surreal.”

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