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A collection of “Coco” art villas connecting two vacation homes in the jungle above Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica has been constructed, featuring architecture by ARCHWERK and interiors by Formafatal. The Cottage Residence is an extension of the Hidden Art Villas Resort, which is located on a steep wooded slope near Uvita.

Following the release of the first visualizations earlier this summer, ‘Coco’ is part of a complex that symbolizes a one-of-a-kind example of whimsical, engaging, sustainable, and contemporary tropical architecture. When the client approached the design team, they wanted to establish a place where guests could immerse themselves in nature, clear their thoughts, and simultaneously experience luxury and adventure. “Coco” joins “Ateliervilla” and “Kunstvilla” as a formfatal creation.

ARCHWERK and formafatal present ‘Coco’ Hidden Art Villas, a series of treehouses that create a beautiful as well as daring hideaway. Despite its location on a jungle slope, the resort’s nest-like cottages are located in a groomed area devoid of mature trees. Studio formafatal continued the work of archwerk architects and realized the layout of the numerous Coco buildings on the property with client Filip ák. The five-apartment building floats a few meters above the sloping terrain, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

The unique ‘Coco’ holiday art villas were creatively joined by walkways and stairs constructed of wood and expanded metal set on steel columns by studio formafatal and ARCHWERK. These platforms serve as rest stops for appreciating the scenery, and you can even jump on a trampoline from one of them.

The walkways and terraces are basic in design, with clean lines that complement the rest of the resort’s architecture. The main terrace, which has only two stories, is shaped like the coconut house itself, with soft and organic curves. These terraces are located near the jungle and have views of the Pacific Ocean.

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