Cartel kills 5 leaked videos, Decapitated bodies found in Mexico on telegram

Thursday, Mexican investigators announced the discovery of four burned and decapitated bodies that may be connected to the gruesome case of five kidnapped teenagers, one of whom appeared to have been filmed being forced to kill others.

Prosecutors in the western state of Jalisco reported that the burned corpse has not yet been identified. However, the bodies were discovered in a building near photographs of the abducted adolescents who had been held captive for a week.

The beheadings matched the details of a video showing a member of the group being forced to saw off the head of his companion with a knife.Families of the missing reported that the males in the photos and videos matched their relatives’ clothing and appearance.The harrowing video has reintroduced Mexico to the most violent drug cartel era of the early 2000s.

It also raised questions as to whether President Andrés Manuel López Obrador heard — or pretended not to hear — reporters’ concerns voiced publicly during Wednesday morning news conferences, or whether he pretended not to hear them. Argument for the case’s central issue.

On Thursday, López Obrador played an audio recording of the press conference from the previous day, during which no explicit questions were audible. Nonetheless, the president paid little heed to the case on Thursday, devoting less than a minute to describing the murder as “very regrettable” and devoting significantly more time to discussing baseball.

Officials from the state of Jalisco have stated that they are investigating the gruesome video, but they have also urged federal prosecutors to take over the investigation because drug cartels may be involved. The decision, according to López Obrador, was reached by the federal attorney general.The most eerie aspect of the video is not merely the two bound, lifeless corpses in the background during the recording. In fact, the young man seen striking and beheading another victim appeared to be a fourth member of the abducted group.

A possible fifth member of the group was a body discovered by police in a burned car in the area.Prior to their disappearance a week ago, the youths were on their way to a festival in the Lagos town of de Moreno, a notoriously violent area. In a row of brick structures at the ranch, investigators discovered blood on the floor and shoes scattered about.”This indicates that the five teens were at the ranch,” prosecutors said in a statement released on Wednesday.

If verified, the video – in which people off-screen hurl bricks at the teen so he can strike the victim with them – will recall some of the cartel’s most heinous acts of brutality, in which kidnapping victims were forced to surrender. Simply execute each other.The old Zetas drug cartel kidnapped men from a bus in 2010 and compelled those who refused to work for the cartel to kill each other with a sledgehammer.

In 2011, authorities in the northern border state of Tamaulipas discovered 48 secret graves containing the bodies of 193 people, bringing the catastrophe to light. Most had their cranium crushed with a sledgehammer, including many immigrants from Central America.

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