catalinasof onlyf video leaked on internet went viral

catalinasof rushed off in rage after confronting her Love Island companion Zachariah Noble about kissing Kady McDermott twice during Monday’s episode.

As part of the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge, Zachariah, 25, chose to kiss former Islander Kady, 27, who first came on the program in series two, while saying he’d marry Molly, 21.

Molly was completely taken aback when Kady chose to return Zachariah’s kiss, leaving Zach gleaming with delight.

Shocked by the turn of events, Molly approached Zachariah later in the evening and demanded to know why he had decided to kiss Kady, implying she was on the verge of breaking things off with him.

However, Zach couldn’t stop himself from laughing as Molly tried to tell him how upset she was by what had transpired.

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