Charlisayshi Onlyfans, videos, and photos  were leaked to Twitter and Reddit

The popularity of OnlyF has skyrocketed in recent years, and some influencers, particularly those who produce adult content, are making legitimate money off of the service’s subscription model. Insider spoke with a number of developers who reported making six figures or more on the site each month. Amouranth, an OnlyF star, earns $1.5 million each month. (The insiders offered proof of the author’s financial success in the form of tax returns.) Some newcomers quickly amass a fan base and begin earning a living.

Since June 2022, creator Chloe Sasha has been a regular contributor to OnlyF. Up until April of 2023, she stands to earn around $196,000. For maximum exposure, she developed a cooking series and format in which she explains the meanings of today’s “hot” Spanish words. She also directed her considerable Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter followings in the direction of OnlyF, where they could view more risqué material.

Find out how the creator of OnlyF, a single mother of four, used cooking and Spanish classes to promote her account and increase her earnings in just 11 months on the platform.

However, it is not always simple to start from scratch and earn a payoff like this on OnlyF.

Anne, a housewife who joined OnlyF in 2021, said her income has decreased from the $82 she made in her first month there. Eventually, she stopped updating altogether.

It wasn’t until 2022, when she came back to OnlyFans and promoted her new account on Reddit, that she made any real money.

Insiders spoke with several OnlyF creators, all of whom said they had initially joined the platform just to post adult photos, but saw the money coming in and decided to stay.

Bryce Adams (a pseudonym) decided on the spot in January 2021 to sell some explicit photos of himself on OnlyF. Her hourly wage was $62. She and her business partner, Jay, are now in charge of three accounts that generated $5.4 million in revenue last year.

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