Chelsea’s first preseason goal is scored by Ian Maatsen against Wrexham.

Chelsea scored their first goal against fourth-tier Wrexham in less than three minutes thanks to Cesare Casadei regaining the ball in midfield, Nico Jackson overcoming one or two opponents, and Maatsen’s simple finish. Love to see it in 1-2-3.

Jamie Cumming – He initially appeared a little unsure as bodies gathered around him, but overall, he had a strong 45 minutes. 6.

Malo Gusto – When Chelsea had the ball, he frequently appeared as a pass-receiving option. teamed up with Diego Moreira excellently. 7.

Trevoh Chalobah, who was the team’s captain on Wednesday night, timed a sliding tackle to stop a Wrexham attack in the 17th minute. early attempt to win the ball. 6.

Humphreys, Bashir His preseason campaign got off to a strong start as he and Chalobah were able to clean up after one another. a peaceful outing. 6.

The loudest jeers of the first half were directed at Marc Cucurella, who was given a free kick for tangle in his penalty area. posed a good challenge on the left and was reliable. 6.

Ahead 1-0 at halftime thanks to an Ian Maatsen goal, Chelsea leads Wrexham. READ MORE

Andrey Santos is responsible for snatching the ball from Chelsea’s center defense and starting the game. showed his combative side in a strong performance. 6.

Due to his physical attributes, Cesare Casadei stands out as a presence on the field. The opposing midfield found it difficult to react to his driving runs through the middle of the field. had some clumsy moments, but as the half went on, he became more collected. 7.

Diego Moreira: The former Benfica youth had a strong opening 45 minutes. Together with Gusto, Moreira displayed some really promising movement. He also shown some solid speed changes and deft passing to go along with them. started the action that resulted in Chelsea’s second goal. 7.

Carney Chukwuemeka – The 19-year-old may not have had as big of an impact in the first half as he would have liked, but he looked excellent when he received the ball. Moreira and Maatsen had a nice one-two, with Maatsen scoring the second. 6.

Ian Maatsen: From the left wing, where his speed was always an easy asset against the Wrexham backline, he produced an early calm finish. His second strike, which he completed with his right foot from the perimeter of the area, was even better. You can’t contest his findings. 8.

Nicolas Jackson: Considering that Maatsen’s assist came from his good work and his hold play appeared uncontested due to his convincing play, Jackson was maybe the most remarkable player of the first half. was able to push Wrexham’s defense as well. 8.

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