Cocolee death Famous singer Coco Lee commits suicide

Li Wen, the famous Hong Kong-born singer-songwriter, committed suicide on Wednesday and died after three days in a hospital coma, her family announced. She was 48 years old.

Coco liwen dead

Li’s sisters announced the tragic news on social media tonight, stating that the 48-year-old had battled depression for many years and committed suicide at home on July 2nd.

Wednesday, she was transported to Queen Mary Hospital unconscious and pronounced dead.

The family added that Li’s condition has deteriorated dramatically in recent months.

Unfortunately, CoCo’s inner demons prevailed despite her seeking professional help and doing her best to combat her depression.

This year should mark the 30th anniversary of the debut of Ding Ding.

“CoCo has always been known for her tireless efforts to break new ground for Chinese singers on the international music scene, and she has also done her best to shine for the Chinese people,” said her family. “We are so incredibly proud of them!”

Since entering the music industry in 1994, the Hong Kong-born singer has released over 15 albums that have sold over ten million copies. Her single “Do You Want My Love” reached number four on the US Billboard charts in December 1999.

Li also provided the Mandarin version of Mulan’s voice.

Sister Li wrote on social media, “I hope everyone will not only miss Coco, but also share her bright smile, treat people with sincerity, and instill kindness and love into everyone around us.” “Continue CoCo’s desire for everyone around you to feel their love and happiness,” she wrote.

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