Dale Mooney video leaked on twitter, patriots fan fight video dies

Video of the events leading up to a fan’s death at Gillette Stadium during the Patriots and Dolphins game on Sunday night has been obtained by WBZ. Although the video is deemed to be too explicit to be shown, still pictures might serve as a reminder of what happened.

Dale Mooney, a purported supporter of the Patriots, is first seen in the footage approaching a crowd. He briefly vanishes from view as a result of other people blocking the camera’s field of view.

He reappears involved in a fight with another male as they start to get physical. Three people can be seen making attempts to break up the fight because it is so tense. A security officer is visible among the crowd because to their outfit.

Before one of the two men punches Mooney in the video, the argument between the two men lasts for at least 13 seconds. Mooney collapses as a result of the blow, and security personnel step in to separate the two people.

Mooney is shown in the footage slouching in a chair and seems unresponsive. This is the end of the video. Mooney was taken to an Attleboro hospital right away, but there, he was pronounced dead. According to the person who made the video, it has been turned over to law enforcement.

There haven’t been any recent arrests. The Norfolk District Attorney and the Massachusetts State Police are presently looking into the situation.

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