Date of launch, servers, rewards, and more for Free Fire Mystery Shop have been Leaked (MAX version)

A new online leak details the upcoming Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop for certain servers. Popular data miner in the game community @mr.feat07 uploaded a video of the momentous occasion to Instagram. He gave an overview of some of the perks and other information that would be available at the event.

The latest Mystery Shop is expected to begin in a week, giving you the chance to stock up on exciting collectibles at a steep discount if the rumors are true. Without a doubt, this leak has captivated the entire community; more information is provided below.

Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop leaked

With a huge variety of desirable collectibles available at rock-bottom prices, Mystery Shop is one of the most anticipated events in Free Fire MAX. Recent leaks by user @mr.feat07 suggest that the event will occur on July 14, 2023, on the game’s servers in India and Bangladesh. The data miner did not, however, provide a definitive termination date. Even so, it’s probably safe to assume it will be active for at least a week.

The Matrix Boi Bundle and the Starlight Gal Bundle could be the two top prizes in the upcoming Mystery Shop. Additionally, based on the previous Mystery Shops, the prize pool is anticipated to also include a number of other desirable emotes, vouchers, crates, and more.

Importantly, these are just leaks, so you should take them with a grain of salt. The event and the rewards have not yet been confirmed by the developers, so they may or may not make it into the battle royale game.

Upcoming Free Fire MAX Evo gun skin leaked

Both @sawgaming_2.0 and @knightclown_official, two popular Indian data miners, posted the same thing on their respective Instagram accounts. Pictures of a skin for the Evo Woodpecker gun were shared online in the hopes that it would be implemented into Free Fire MAX soon.

The data miner claimed in the post that the skin for the gun was “very likely” to be added to the battle royale game in the OB41 update scheduled for release in August. Players are still waiting for leaks to reveal the skin’s name, benefits, and other details.

Without a doubt, the Evo gun skins are among the most sought-after Free Fire MAX items, and Garena never hesitates to add more of them to the game. Chromasonic MP40, the newest entry in this subgenre, can be accessed from the Indian server.

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