dawood ibrahim was dead, dawood ibrahim was poisoned by Unknown Man

in recent developments, reports from various sources suggest that Dawood Ibrahim, the elusive mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts, has been hospitalized in Karachi, Pakistan. Allegedly poisoned, Dawood is said to be under tight security at the medical facility. While these reports circulate, it’s imperative to note that the authenticity of the information is yet to be independently verified.

Background and Controversies

Dawood Ibrahim, a fugitive wanted for his role in the 1993 bombings that resulted in the death of over 250 people, has been a figure shrouded in mystery and controversy. Despite claims that he has been in Pakistan for decades, the neighboring country has consistently refuted such assertions. In January 2023, his nephew informed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that Dawood had remarried in Pakistan and now resides in Karachi with his family. dawood ibrahim

The D Company and International Terrorism

According to the NIA, Dawood Ibrahim operates an international terrorist network known as D Company. This syndicate, comprising individuals like Anees, Chhota Shakeel, Javed Chikna, and Tiger Memon, is allegedly involved in a spectrum of criminal activities. These activities include arms smuggling, narco-terrorism, money laundering, circulation of counterfeit currency, and unauthorized possession of key assets for raising terror funds. The NIA asserts that D Company collaborates actively with terror groups such as LeT, Jaish, and Al Qaeda. dawood ibrahim was poisoned

Legal Ramifications and Global Designation

Dawood Ibrahim faces serious legal consequences, with the NIA having registered a case against him and other members of D Company in 2022. The international dimensions of his activities prompted the United Nations to designate him a ‘global terrorist’ under UNSC Resolution 1267. Additionally, he is listed as an ‘individual terrorist’ under the Fourth Schedule of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967.

Rewards for Information

Recognizing the severity of Dawood’s actions, the NIA has announced substantial cash rewards for information leading to his arrest and that of his key associates. A reward of Rs 25 lakh is offered for information on Dawood Ibrahim, with Rs 20 lakh for Chhota Shakeel and Rs 15 lakh each for Haji Anees, Javed Chikna, and Tiger Memon. dawood ibrahim was dead

Unanswered Questions and Speculations

The recent reports of Dawood’s hospitalization and alleged poisoning raise numerous questions. The circumstances surrounding his health, the veracity of the poisoning claims, and the implications for his activities and the D Company remain unclear. As we await further developments and official confirmations, it’s crucial to approach this information with a discerning eye.


In conclusion, the unfolding situation involving Dawood Ibrahim’s hospitalization adds a new layer to the complex narrative surrounding this notorious figure. The alleged poisoning and tight security measures contribute to the mystique that has surrounded Dawood for decades. As the story develops, it will be essential to monitor official statements and verified information to gain a more accurate understanding of the situation.

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