dayna marie leaked onlyf videos, image outraged online

Dayna Marie is a Canadian actor, model, vocalist, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media personality whose prank videos and lifestyle content frequently featured her friends. The @dayynaa TikTok account has over 6.8 million followers and over 317.6 million likes as of October 2022.

Dayna ascended to prominence as a prankster after her videos on TikTok went viral. Dayna had the opportunity to investigate other areas of interest, such as acting, modeling, and YouTubering, due to her success and virality on TikTok.

Dayna was predominantly a YouTube content creator, despite achieving fame and virality on TikTok. On July 3, 2015, she registered her self-titled channel, which became the primary location for all of Dayna’s vlogs, hoaxes, challenges, and travel videos. The Dayna Marie YouTube channel has over 146 thousand subscribers and 5,922,880 views as of October 2022.

Dayna is not only a successful digital content creator, but also a successful model. She is an ambassador for a number of brands, including Bracelets Dude, Nectar, Shop Wavey, and Prive Revaux.

Dayna has appeared as an actor in the music video for Bryce Vine’s “Stay.” Additionally, Dayna has modeled for the international modeling agency MCM. Dayna is a verified artist on Spotify and has released one single to date, titled Missin’ Love.

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