Del Amo Mall shooting today news, Active shooter now person down at the scene

DEVELOPING There is reportedly one victim at the Del Amo Mall commercial building fire site. More details are forthcoming.

In February, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar, a fast food establishment that specializes in Hawaiian poke dishes, boba milk tea, and Dole soft drinks, opened. It is located in the Terrace Cafe area.

Devil & Angel, which will open this summer, will offer an assortment of sweets, including soft-serve ice cream, mochi donuts, boba tea, frozen yogurt and smoothies, and other baked products. It is also located in the cafe area of the atrium.

True Classic has launched a clothing store. It sells fitted t-shirts and trousers for men. It is located on the main floor opposite Banana Republic.

This summer, Tommy Bahama also offers sports and casual apparel in smooth silks and cottons with an island-inspired design. It will be located on Nordstrom’s main floor.

D1 Training, an unconventional fitness training facility renowned for its work with NFL draft picks, is anticipated to open during the holidays later this year. It provides a five-star training program for aspiring athletes over the age of seven. Each program incorporates individual, large group, home, and semi-private training and is based on a level 1 strength and conditioning program. It will occupy the main floor of the Macy’s Men’s, Home, and Furniture store.

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