Derrick Watts dead, diagnosed with skin cancer death

Watts, 74, had privately battled cancer before being diagnosed with severe sepsis, which led to his collapse, hospitalization, and relearning how to walk.

Watts spoke candidly about his struggle with cancer to the plenary audience in a recording recorded in June from his bed at Netcare Hospital, but he also stated that he intends to resume the show.

“I genuinely just want to thank all of our viewers for their support, messages, and prayers, which give us all hope. And of course, I appreciate you sticking with Carte Blanche. I’ll return soon to have a drink. Amazing Cheers now, one week,” he exclaimed.

Watts received a skin cancer diagnosis that had progressed to his lungs the previous year. He was able to continue with no restrictions thanks to the help of his loved ones and medical professionals, but a sepsis infection in March made his cancer treatment more challenging.

In an interview with the newspaper Rapport on Sunday, Watts revealed that his tenure as presenter and moderator of the Combined Arts Productions show on M-Net (DStv 101) would come to an end on Sunday night.

“We talked about the fact that this would be my last year a while back. The show is also in excellent shape. Amazing people and journalists who aren’t afraid to ask challenging questions.

In early 2022, Watts said, he noticed a lump in his armpit and went to the doctor. However, he didn’t agree to see a doctor until months later, despite his wife Belinda’s persistent nagging.

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