‘Dreams’ is Snapchat’s next foray into generative AI.

After previously unveiling its AI-powered chatbot My AI, which can now answer with a Snap back instead of simply text, Snapchat is getting ready to push deeper into generative AI features. The firm will once again experiment with AI images with its next generative AI tool dubbed “Dreams,” but soon, those photographs might include you and your friends in fantastical surroundings.

According to discoveries from app researcher and developer Steve Moser, the firm has been working on capabilities that would let Snapchat users shoot or upload selfies that will enable the program to create fresh photographs of you in situations you might envision. This sounds similar to what is already available in other AI picture apps on the App Store.

As TikTok users learned they could post their selfies to receive professional-looking headshots for LinkedIn without having to pay for a professional photo shoot, one in particular—an app called Remini—went viral last month.

But dull headshots are hardly likely to get Snapchat’s attention.

It instead envisions Dreams as a means to employ AI-generated selfies to insert photographs of you in “fantastical places and scenarios,” according to Moser’s research. Like other AI selfie apps, Snapchat would require clear selfies to work with – not ones with other people in them or ones where your features are obscured. The software will advise users that having a variety of perspectives, facial emotions, and lighting settings will also produce better AI photographs.

Along with letting you enter these AI “Dreams,” the firm is also working on a feature called Dreams with Friends where users may authorize their friends to create these AI “dream” images that also feature them, as Moser discovered.

The Snapchat app contains references to buying Dream Packs, which further hints that this function may eventually be monetized.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, initially discovered Dreams earlier this spring. He said the functionality would let users insert their likeness into generative AI-powered worlds. He discovered that the new function was given a prominent position in the Snapchat app, sandwiched between the Camera Roll and Stories.

The recent changes to Dreams with Friends and the Dream Packs indicate that Snapchat is currently advancing the feature.

Regarding its intentions for Dreams, Snapchat refuses to comment.

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