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Lawyers for a Saskatchewan woman want charges of kidnapping and other offenses dismissed, citing alleged violations of her human rights, such as unnecessary strip searches and denial of medical care.

In a court filing, they detailed allegations of personal abuse against Dawn Walker, but stated that the actions could not be isolated from the systemic abuse of Indigenous women within the legal system.

“The experience of this Aboriginal woman and mother is an extreme example of how the Saskatchewan police and judicial system criminalizes and incarcerates Aboriginal women and children whom they initially failed to protect from violence,” the lawsuit states. “as an example”

Elaine Craig, a law professor at Dalhousie University, stated that the specifics of Walker’s case are one thing, but the research on systemic discrimination is unambiguous: Aboriginal women frequently do not have the same access to the judicial system as other Canadians. a method of treatment. She stated that she was satisfied with how prominently Walker’s team brought up these issues.

“In all honesty, the change will occur when we begin to recognize that this is not an individual problem, but rather a systemic problem related to the legacy of colonialism. occurrences occurred. The legacy of colonialism, as well as the intergenerational harm caused by residential schools, said Craig.

Walker was accused of kidnapping and staging her own death. After a multi-day search in the Saskatoon area and beyond, U.S. authorities eventually located the couple in Oregon during the summer of 2017.

She was returned to Saskatchewan, where she is now charged with abduction, fraud, and identity theft. She entered a not guilty plea for all charges. Walker stated in a written statement that she had to flee for her protection.

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