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This article was informed by a discussion with a former OnlyF creator. Insider has confirmed their income and previous employment, despite their refusal to be identified for privacy reasons. This interview has been condensed and clarified for duration and readability.

I did things at age 18 that I believed would make me a stronger woman, only to feel traumatized as a result. I signed up for OnlyF. Looking back, the three years I spent as a creator at OnlyF were the most difficult of my life.

Signing with OnlyF felt like a natural progression at the time. I already post bikini photos on Instagram, so I don’t really feel like posting pics there is much different than posting pics on OnlyF.

I’ve heard other creators discuss how being an OnlyF creator has enabled them to take charge of their own lives. This sounds reasonable to me. However, this is not what actually occurred.

I was more frustrated and apprehensive than ever before while working on OnlyF. I make a lot of money — up to $20,000 per month on average — but I feel like my subscribers are continually pushing me to my limits.

No matter what I post, clarity is always desired. Even though I didn’t want to, I ended up submitting a few nudes because I was stressed and they were offering so much money. Also, I receive horrible, insulting messages, and I do not see any filtering system on OnlyF to halt them.

Clearly, they treated me more as a source of amusement than as a person. Constant sexualization on such an inhuman level is dreadful.

Even though I brought a substantial amount of cash, I spent it rapidly. I expend a significant amount of money to conceal my depression and anxiety. I’ve grown accustomed to this opulent way of life, which includes taking offbeat trips to gorgeous locations and shooting content in new settings. Whenever I consider: Perhaps this is the voyage I will enjoy. However, this was never true. I’ve always been the antagonist.

I did not have a lot of money growing up. As a child, I was ridiculed for having a beat-up car and a small home. I believe it motivated me to earn money and demonstrate my maturity as an adult. I believe that money can alleviate all of my problems, but it cannot.

OnlyF appeared to be a path to independence, and for a time it was. Money is pleasant, but it has altered my existence. Because I was so depressed and out of contact with my family, I began isolating myself. Due to my avoidance of peers, my relationships began to suffer.

My entire existence centers around producing content and communicating with subscribers. I spend a minimum of two hours per day notifying subscribers and a few hours each day documenting and refining content. This position is full-time. Exercising these things daily requires at least (8) hours of attention.

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