Everything We Know about GTA 6 Protagonist Lucia: Leaks and Rumors

As the player base of Grand Theft Auto eagerly awaits the introduction of the new protagonists in the upcoming GTA game, the September 2022 leaks revealed a female protagonist named Lucia, who became the talk of the town. Up until the upcoming game, the Rockstar Games franchise has always featured male protagonists. Although there are strong female characters in the series, the focus is always on their male counterparts.

According to rumors, Lucia will be the first female protagonist in the entire Grand Theft Auto series. Unfortunately, only her name and a few physical characteristics have been leaked. Although some have attempted to provide details about the character, the majority of the community considers them to be nothing more than fan theories. Rockstar Games has also remained silent about Lucia, adding to the mystique surrounding her existence.

Based on leaks and rumors, this article summarizes everything known about the upcoming protagonist of GTA 6.

Things You Need To know about Lucia from GTA 6 based on leaks

Before Lucia was revealed in the infamous GTA 6 leaks, renowned journalist and Rockstar Games insider Jason Schreier (Twitter/@jasonschreier) revealed her inclusion in the series through a detailed insider report.

The report titled “Rockstar Games Cleaned Up Its Frat-Boy Culture – and Grand Theft Auto, Too” by Bloomberg stated that the gaming studio would introduce its first female character in the upcoming game.

The leaked videos depicted a Hispanic woman of Latin American descent in her late 20s or early 30s, but he did not reveal her name or other characteristics. The clips also referred to her as Lucia, along with her accomplice and co-protagonist, Jason.

The leaked GTA 6 character was initially seen wearing blue skinny camo pants and a pink long-sleeved top. Throughout the videos, she wore a number of different outfits.

While Lucia’s strengths and weaknesses remain unknown, the leaked GTA 6 videos portray her as a fierce woman. The female protagonist is an accomplished thief and fighter who can face any situation head-on.

She was observed holding NPC customers at gunpoint while robbing a restaurant. When confronted by opposing forces, Lucia did not hesitate to launch a counterattack and open fire on police officers and other adversaries. According to rumors, Lucia was incarcerated and fled to Vice City prior to the events of the upcoming GTA game.

In the next untitled Grand Theft Auto game, both Jason and Lucia are anticipated to be siblings. However, many players and fans disregard this theory because the ethnicities of the characters do not align. Follow Rockstar Games’ official Newswires for additional information about Lucia.

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