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Before in Star Wars… Sabine Wren ardently desired to be Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Padawan, but Ahsoka Tano let her down, resulting in a massive rift between the two allies. Moreover, did all of this actually occur? Describes the harsh sound produced by vinyl recordings.

Prior to the release of the new Disney+ series Star Wars: Ahsoka, it was unknown that Sabine desired to become Ahsoka’s Jedi Padawan. While Ahsoka portrays Sabine as one of the best new Jedi in the Star Wars canon, the notion that she’s destined to become a Jedi will cause some viewers, particularly diehard Rebels fans, to have reasonable doubts. the issue.

The mentor-student relationship is a classic Star Wars motif that Ahsoka breathes new energy into. But should we now be concerned about narrative holes? Let’s examine these lightsabers and see where Sabine’s new voyage as a Jedi in Ahsoka leads.

The answer to the question of whether Ahsoka trained Sabine to become a Jedi in Rebels is essentially no, not at all. However, Sabine’s lightsaber skills are a major plot element in the third season of Rebels, specifically in “Trials of the Darksaber” and “Legacy of Mandalore.” In the first episode, Sabine reluctantly learns to combat with the Darksaber (yes, that one) and how to use a lightsaber. Sabine momentarily wields Ezra’s green lightsaber in Legacy of Mandalorian, the same lightsaber she wields in Ahsoka.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Ahsoka taught Sabine how to use lightsabers, particularly dark sabers. No! Sabine was taught how to use a lightsaber by Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus in these outstanding Rebels episodes.

She fought with a lightsaber, but she did not wield the Force like a Jedi, which was a significant issue at the time. According to Kanan, Sabine “may not be able to fight like a Jedi, but she can learn to wield the blade proficiently.” In episode two, Ahsoka mentions Sabine’s limited Force abilities, to which Sabine responds, “It doesn’t matter.” I never possessed the talent or skill. Hu Yang responded, “I have known many apprentices over the centuries, and I can confidently say that your Force-awareness is unparalleled.”Therefore, Sabine’s Force is weak, at least force-wise. As previously observed in the conventional manner.

Nonetheless, during Sabine’s training in “Trial of the Darksaber,” we see Bendu, an ancient Force creature that embodies the “middle” between the light and dark sides. The glimpse of Bundu in “Trial of the Dark Sword” is perhaps the most significant indication that Sabine has the potential to possess concealed abilities. Kenan informs Hera in the same episode that everyone possesses some level of power. Sabine was merely “blocked,” in part out of annoyance.

Kenan and Ezra instructed Sabine in lightsaber combat techniques and encouraged her to form an unbreakable bond with the weapon. Sabine is significantly more proficient with the Darksaber than Dinjarin in The Mandalorian. Because she has been trained in Jedi Knight combat techniques, she is a Jedi Knight. In the time period of the Rebels, however, Ahsoka did not provide Jedi training.

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