FIFA 23 leak hints at Teji Savarnier arriving as a Level Up player in Ultimate Team

Teji Savarnier has not yet been added to FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, but he is expected to do so after the initial wave of Level Up players was released. This French midfielder has been so reliable in Ligue 1 that he has been honored with numerous alternate jerseys over the years. The rumored item will undoubtedly take his virtual pitch performance to new heights.

The Level Up line, which the promotion centers around, boasts some seriously impressive players like Kevin De Bruyne and Renato Sanches. For those who aren’t aware, this is a brand-new feature in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It has enhanced cards in packs that players can use to accomplish goals and gain access to their enhanced versions.

Montpellier superstar Teji Savanier rumored to arrive as Level Up player in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

There is a lot of unheralded talent in France’s top division that has largely gone unnoticed by football’s general public. Teji Savarnier is a prime example of the elite athletes who possess the skills necessary to consistently perform at the highest level. This midfield wizard has helped Montpellier to a number of notable victories and several rare FIFA 19 cards.

What will the card look like?

Teji Savarnier Fifa Card
Teji Savarnier Fifa Card

There has been no public announcement of the card’s overall rating or its detailed statistics. The FUT Sheriff, however, has included a forecast based on the bonuses currently assigned to the Level Up players. The source claims that Savanier has access to a 92-rated item with the following specs:

  • Pace: 91
  • Dribbling: 94
  • Shooting: 90
  • Defending: 80
  • Passing: 95
  • Physicality: 84

These numbers accurately reflect this maestro’s actual effectiveness. Gamers expect this rumored special edition to perform similarly to him in the FIFA 23 metagame.

The predicted statistics for this player in FUT Sheriff do not specify whether they apply to the base card or the upgraded card. If he does make an appearance in the game, fans will be very curious to find out more about him.

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