Leaked video of @mrkombatvoll in Guayaquil that became viral on Twitter

Over the past two years, several cases of surprised couples having sex in public in Guayaquil have become viral.

The most well-known incidents were that of a couple who was surprised having sex in their vehicle on a terrain in Guayaquil, and another in which two young people had oral sex in La Perla.

The most recent incident occurred on June 24 and spread on social media on Tuesday, July 11. The air traffic system took sexually explicit videos and spread them on social media.

There you can observe a couple enjoying a walk on the Malecón and Durán on the Guayas River while they have fun. It was in full day.

A couple had sex in a plane cabin in Guayaquil.

You can hear young people calling attention through the airline speakers in a clip of the video.

The warning began by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, users of cabin 117, I remind you that they are being watched by security cameras.” At the next stop, security will allow them to descend.

The explicit scene generated questions about the couple’s behavior and a explicit video was filed that the airline was supposed to keep.

Lawyers consulted by the newspaper indicated that in Ecuador there are no laws that prohibit sex in public. Having sex in public is not illegal.

Sex between adults in a public place is not considered a crime, according to Steven Reyes, a lawyer. The Comprehensive Criminal Organizations Act (COIP) does not typify these facts.

However, Article 172 of the Criminal Code defines these facts as harassment, abuse, rape or sexual exploitation of a person in public exhibition if a minor is involved in them.

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