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A developer of pornographic content for OnlyFans who earned more than $5 million (£4.2 million) from the website has made the decision to leave and invest her profits in a competing network.
After hesitantly opening an account with her lover in January 2021, Florida-based Bryce Adams quickly rose to the top of OnlyFans’ most-liked pages.

The Standard quoted Adams as saying, “We started looking around at the competition and bought some of their stuff and thought we can do this better than them.”We conducted numerous experiments to determine what is effective and ineffective, and we used a business-like approach.

Adams has invested six figures in rival Fanvue, which features content for an older audience along with the work of artists in music, art, fashion, and film.

“This has been really cool because they’re now offering creatives to be able to take part in the company and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that,” she said. They want to swiftly learn what features developers would like to see and are eager to hear from them.

Since the pandemic’s start, OnlyFans’ popularity has exploded, leading to the corporation paying adult content producers millions of pounds and hiring up to 1,000 people.

The expansion of the company hasn’t been without controversy. A BBC investigation revealed that the platform wasn’t doing enough to stop minors from selling and participating in graphic recordings. Adams expresses her hope that Fanvue will prioritize content moderation.
Adams noted that rather than using a short-term band-aid fix, “we need to find an actual great solution that’s going to be effective and implementable.” “I have complete faith in their ability to do that.”

The series’ six-figure investment Adams’ first significant step into venture capital fundraising is a funding round, underscoring the enormous earning potential modern technology has given to young individuals shunning conventional professional pathways. According to the employment website Comparably, content creators make an average of £74,000 each year.

According to Adams, the decision might be the beginning of a career in investment.
“If there’s an investment opportunity, I’ll try it out and see where it leads us. We might end up doing more investments in new platforms or more tech businesses,” the investor said.

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