Following news of her appearance on Jungkook’s “Seven” by BTS, Latto’s racist tweets about Asians resurface.

In light of her feature on BTS Jungkook’s song, Latto’s (also known as Big Latto and formerly known as Mulatto) past racist remarks have resurfaced.

On 13 July KST, Jungkook released the MV teaser for his new solo single “Seven,” which featured actress Han So Hee. However, nobody had anticipated seeing Latto’s name as a feature. Consequently, “FT LATTO,” “FEATURING WHO,” and “WITH LATTO” became trending on Twitter shortly thereafter.


While many ARMYs find Latto’s feature to be unexpected, some have discovered that, in some respects, it’s not all that surprising. Previously, in Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor Again” music video, she appeared to interact with a TATA plushie, V’s self-designed BTS and LINE FRIENDS’ BT21 character.

Furthermore, Latto’s last album was titled 777, and the number “7” is significant to BTS and ARMYs. The composition by Jungkook is even titled “Seven.” So, it feels meant to be.

Since the announcement, Latto has also been active on social media platforms. She posted an Instagram Story update of herself with “Epilogue: Young Forever” by BTS as the background music. On Twitter, she acknowledged ARMYs.

Nonetheless, her problematic social media activity from the past has reappeared.

Latto sent racist remarks against Asians when she was 16 and 17 years old in 2015 and 2016, respectively. This included offensive and racist stereotypes regarding the cooking of canines and cats. She also used “Ling Ling” in a derogatory manner at least twice (this term is frequently used to refer to Asian women, much like “Ching Chong” is used to refer to Asians in general).

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Internet users have observed that Latto has begun deleting his bigoted tweets. Despite this, some have persisted to discover more problematic tweets.

Fans are dismayed that Jungkook’s solo debut will feature Latto, now that they are aware of her racist tweets against Asians. Some even pray her feature gets pulled.

Jungkook’s “Seven” releases on July 14 at 1 PM (KST).

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