Fortnite v26.10 all the leaked skins and cosmetics.

On September 12, the v26.10 battle royale update for Fortnite became available. The next wave of new skins and cosmetics have been released to the game’s files for the public to uncover, in addition to unvaulting Pizza Party boxes all over the island and adding some new Reality Augments.

In addition to the partnership between My Hero Academia and Fortnite’s return and extended run, the game will soon release a new real-money bundle, extra battle pass outfits, and much more.

The skins and cosmetics for Fortnite version 26.1 have all been leaked.


Fortnite version 26.10 includes every leaked skin and cosmetic.

2.0 My Hero Academia collaboration

Pack for High Stakes Club

Super Level Alternatives

Twelve candles are lit in honor of Fortnite’s sixth birthday.

Tiger’s Eye Bundle

Unnamed Brix Barton bundle



What cosmetics and skins from Fortnite version 26.10 have been leaked?

2.0 My Hero Academia collaboration

Shoto Todoroki, outfit

Cold Heat Wings’ song “Back Bling”

Cold-Hot Hitters, pickaxe

Half-Cold Half-Hot Emote

Coldburn Flier is a glider.

U.A. uniform wrap

Dress: Mina Ashido

The Pinky Pack’s Back Bling

Acid Axe — Pickaxe

Dance from a culture festival, Emote

Eijiro Kirishima, costume

Shield of Red Riot’s Back Bling

Red Riot Thrashers, “Pickaxe”

Three more of U.A.’s finest heroes-in-training, Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido, follow the main cast of My Hero Academia. This second set of cosmetics contains an emote that refers to a Class 1-A school festival performance and a U.A. Uniform-themed wrap in addition to giving each of these pupils their own alternate styles, back blings, and pickaxes.

My Hero Academia Wave 2 in Fortnite Update 26.10, Pizza Party, and New Augments

There are two bundles available for this second My Hero Academia collaboration. The five cosmetics inspired by Shoto are included in the 2,400 V-Buck Shoto Todoroki Bundle, which also comes with a wrap featuring the U.A. uniform. All of the products for Eijiro Kirishima and Mina Ashido are included in the bundle for 2,800 V-Bucks, along with the Culture Festival Dance emote.

Pack for High Stakes Club

Joni The Scarlet’s attire

Back Bling — Cape Joni

hammer—Oath’s Hold

Joni’s Most Formal Wrap

Huntress Helsie’s outfit

Cerulean Clawpack’s Back Bling

Pickaxe — Bitten twice

Wrap — Helsie Haute Couture

Dress — Formal Theo West

Lavish Louie’s Back Bling

Westward Knuckles, pickaxe

Lucien’s Look: A Wrap

The members of the High Stakes Club Pack are described as a trio that strives to “serve looks” with their elegant clothes. They each have unique alt styles, back blings, pickaxes, and wraps. This bundle appears to be real money and cannot be bought with V-Bucks.

Super Level Alternatives

Heisted Jade Piper Pace clothing

Wearing Lost Amethyst Piper Pace’s outfit

Yellow Diamond Piper Pace clothing

Heisted Jade Antonia’s outfit

The Lost Amethyst outfit Antonia

Yellow Diamond outfit Antonia

Heisted Jade Mae’s outfit

The Lost Amethyst Mae outfit

Yellow Diamond outfit Mae

Heisted Jade Fish Thicc was his outfit.

the Lost Amethyst Fish Thicc outfit

Yellow Diamond Fish Thicc clothing

Heisted Jade Kado Thorne’s outfit

Lost Amethyst Kado Thorne’s outfit

Yellow Diamond outfit Thorne Kado

Style — Kado Thorne, collector

Three sets of outfits—Heisted Jade, Lost Amethyst, and Yellow Diamond—for Piper Pace, Antonia, Mae, Fish Thicc, and Kado Throne have been made available in the wild for owners of the Chapter Four, season four battle pass. Additionally, Collector Kado, the Kado Thorne version from the teaser, is now accessible in-game.

Twelve candles are lit in honor of Fortnite’s sixth birthday.

Slice O’ Six from Back Bling

Pickaxe, Happy Birthday!

Birthday Dash: Spray

These items, referred to as the “Half-Dozen Candles” set, will be made available for free as part of Fortnite’s six-year anniversary celebration.

Tiger’s Eye Collection

Dress — Tigress

Cybertooth Tiger’s Back Bling

Scorch Slicer — Pickaxe

Tiger-print wrap


Epic’s veteran Fortnite spokesperson Donald Mustard is retiring.

Brix Barton package with no name

Dress: Brix Barton

Dual Drillbit: Back Bling

The Countersinker’s pickaxe


Burnout (Bounty Brawler) style

Syd (Red Panda), style

Emoticon: Pick Me!

Emoticon: Lovely “Bow”

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